Hiyas! Asking for asks!

Heres a thing I kinda want to do because of lack of major posting recently and some consistent themes of questions, I was thinking Pinkie and Dash could do a quick/mini faq or whatnot. Hopefully a bunch of them could be good ones from you guys So think up some good general questions or some quirky ones for them to answer! Maybe along the lines of dating sites or gameshow stuffs?? Or just whatever you just wanna ask that can be answered in a sentence or two (Asks I really like or can create a scenario/story from get the comics/update thingy, as usual).

This will hopefully go well and be PROBABLY??? be part of an FAQ or mini bio page for them???

Thanks again for following!

Bonus (Minus ramblings version/TL;DR):  Pinkie and Dash will probably have a mini bio for people because of a lot of new followers so send some asks in!

<3 Happy Valentines day!!! <3

PP: Hiya everyone! We hope you’re having a fantastic fun filled Valentines day with friends, family, and/or loved ones! Dashie and I are about to head out for danceamaniathon! YEAH! UH! Mhrmm~! I can’t waaaait!! Shout out to the ladies for Galentines day! We’ll have to do that again soon!


OKaaaay~ I’ll be  right there! Bye bye guys. We <3 you tons! *Mwah!*

[Mod note: Other artists and blog people either have more time or plan their projects much better than I do. I’ve had too much other work lately :c BUT I do have a new tablet now~ So there will be some updates soon I promise! Thank you guys for following and sorry for lack of updates recently u__u]

Happy 2014!

PP: Pinkie here wishing you guys a happy new years! We did it yaaaaaay~!!! 2013 has been super fun and busy for all of us. I’m sorry we didn’t post as much lately but there’s plenty stored in my camera.

I need to finish the punch and decorations for the party but I hope you all have a wonderful and safe new years! I gotta go byeeee~ *mwah!*

Merry Christmakwanzakah Everyone!

PP: Merry Christmakwanzakah! Though Hanukkah was SUPER early this year. Would it be Christmakwanza then??? Christmakwanzakah is just more fun to say. I bet you can’t say that 5 times fast! Christmakwanzakah! Christmakwanzakah!! Christmakwanz…. *mfphf*!!

RD: Uhhhh… Hey! I hope everyone is staying warm and having fun with friends and family. Sorry we’ve been so busy lately. Don’t worry though we’ll post some pictures soon. But Pinks and I have to get going to give out some presents. We’ll catch you guys soon! Pinkie! Stop licking my hand. That’s nasty!

PP: Ho-ho-ho! We certainly will! Dashie does my beard look right? Okay lets go! Oh you guys be sure to get some sweets cuz you’re all sweeties okay!?

RD: They can’t grab the desserts through the screen. Even if you press them super hard on it. 

PP: When will you catch up science!?! WHEENNNNNN!?

RD: Alright Wonka, let’s go.

PP: Byeeee everyone!~ <3 Merry Christmakwanzakah and a happy new yeaaaaaaaaaar! <3