Letter from the Mod

Thank you for following! Sort version: My drawing tablet is dead and updates will come eventually through some form or another.

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Gobble gobble gobble!

PP: Haaaaaappy turkey day everyone! I hope everyone is doing wonderfully fantastic! I’m sooooo sorry we haven’t updated anything lately and we’ve been busy and I KINDA accidentallybrokethingthat I shouldn’t have. BUT it’s better now!??? Right? It’s supposed to be shaped like that right? 

RD: It’s fine Pinkie. Everyone’s being plenty patient. So don’t worry! I’m looking forward to your famous dessert buffet and non salty pies. So cheer up. There’s a great bunch of meals with friends soon. I’m always ready to help however I can!

PP: *sniffle* Okies! There’s still a lot of stuff left to do! We’ll see you guys later okay <3

Hello sweeties!

PP: Heyo everyone~! We’re SOOOOO sorry we haven’t posted anything lately. There’s been this and that and a sprinkle of surprises!

RD: Ugh. I wish we could’ve posted more this summer. Summer is my favorite season. Just busy with races and all. AJ’s been actin weird and if she’s one of my top crew members… I need her head in the game.

PP: Awwwww Dashie. It’ll be okay. I have a feeling things will be juuust fine~.  Anyways,… we’re still here! Just busy and we miss you guys! Mwah! Hopefully we’ll see you soon! <3

Quick Note

PP: About that earlier cute picture of us as pretty ponies… Someone brought our attention to the original image. We just wanted to quickly say that art sourcing is important! We’re very very sorry to the original artist! We thought this was the original. I hope you can forgive us!!!

RD: Art, sourcing, is important, it gives, credit… where, credit is due.

PP: So remember kiddos to source your art if you send it to us! Or just let us know that you did it by your talented selves! <3

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